About Me

My name is Nick Chang.

I’m 26 years old living in San Francisco, California for 8 years.

Born in Gilroy, California (Garlic Capital of the world)

Graduated from San Francisco State University in 2016 with a B.A. in Broadcasting Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) with an emphasis in TV/Video Production

I currently work at the French American International School as a substitute teacher as well as Cross Country coach.

I’m Chinese, Japanese and a small medley of European influences. But to most people I’m just Asian.

I have a vast array of interests and loves: BASKETBALL in all shapes and forms, video games, film, still have cable TV, screenwriting, politics, world affairs, food and every type of cuisine, anime, reading, taking care of houseplants, occasionally strumming the guitar and I dabble with the devil’s lettuce ;).

I have a strong writing acumen and interest in social justice, equity and critically analyzing our turbulent culture.

I live with my beautiful and intelligent girlfriend Gaby, roommates Ori, Brian and my cat Roxy.