Introducing: “WeThePeople” The Activism App

Learn about the app I recently co-created, what it can do for you, and how you can get involved.

Over the last 6 months, a small group of passionate friends and family have come together (virtually) to create a wonderful and groundbreaking new app-based platform, purely dedicated to activism, social justice and empowering people to make change.

It’s called “WeThePeople” and is available to download for iOs as of last Friday, 12/4! I have mentioned in prior posts briefly, looking for collaborators and sparking interest, such as this post from last month:

As the Co-Founder and Creator, I am extremely excited and proud that we were able to bring this project to fruition, but even more excited knowing that this is just the beginning!

Watch this 4:47 min vid with my beautiful natural face on it for all the info:

Our Mission

To provide a trustworthy space for the promotion of social justice, education and participation; empowering people to take action.

About Us

We pledged to fill a need that we saw lacking in our society. We wanted to provide an open platform dedicated to promoting social change, with the intention of facilitating social justice and providing education on the issues, directly to the people that will be impacted most.

Our Team

The people that create this platform, reflect the population that we seek to serve. Our team consists of people from across the United States of varying race, ethnicity, income, gender and sexual orientation. What we all have in common is a mutual passion to create positive change in our collective community, and an optimistic outlook on the power of the people, when our voices are amplified by collaboration and organization.

If you’re ready to step into activism, and get involved on another level, all on your own time, download WeThePeople!

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