The Scariest Halloween of My Life

“What if a losing candidate simply refuses to concede? What if there is no concession speech? Well, what could happen might terrify you. I think it should.” – Van Jones

I’ve watched a lot of Horror movies this October, probably more this month than I have my entire life; Halloween, Evil Dead, Trick r’ Treat, Insidious 1 & 2, Hereditary, Midsommar, Goodnight Mommy, Friday the 13th (original and new), Chucky, Chucky 2, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Final Destination 1 & 2.

My binge was surprising because I usually can’t handle many horror flicks, they scare me. But I strangely realized that those movies brought me more comfort than the real world does right now. I wasn’t sure if it was the thrilling escapism, the lack of a pandemic, or that seeing people suffer made me feel better.

I noticed that I enjoyed living in these worlds; worlds where possessed dolls can murder you, you can shove Jason’s face in a wood chipper and he’ll still come back to kill you, and people of color all die by Act 2.

The most attractive part is that none of these fantasy worlds, as terrifying as they may be, have President Donald Trump in them.

Joe Biden said it best (you don’t hear that everyday), Trump is literally an existential threat to the U.S. and Democracy altogether. He is the monster, the masked murderer, coming to pick us off one by one.

His mask: an orange spray tan,

His weapon: arrogance, lies, fear, and an army of undead minions (Republican Congress-members).

His victims: Democracy, civility, low-income communities, middle-class communities, BIPOC, LGTBIQIA+, the precarious structures of our Governmental system that prevent aspiring-dictators like him, from corralling power, and lastly, YOU.

Everyone accuses the other side of being threats to Democracy though, right? But Donald Trump has already stated that if he loses the election, he might not concede, and knowing him- he won’t. If that’s not a direct threat to Democracy, I don’t know what it is.

His claims of voter fraud, unreliable mail-in ballots, and “fake polls,” are still completely unsubstantiated – if not debunked entirely by now. He simply does not want to relinquish power, and he has over half of the Government supporting him.

“did you know that under our constitution a presidential candidate could actually lose the popular vote, fail to get a majority in the electoral college, refuse to concede, manipulate hidden mechanisms in our government and still get sworn in as the president of the United States of America?”

– Van Jones

Van Jones spells out for us exactly what it would look like and what we can do, if a U.S. Presidential candidate refuses to concede after an election. This 15-minute video, contains extremely vital information for all U.S. citizens.

How to Stop a Coup 101 by Van Jones.

“the fate of the entire republic is in the hands of a single politician and their willingness to walk out there and stand in front of their family and stand in front of the cameras and stand in front of the whole nation and say, “I am conceding the race, voluntarily.

A.) The losing President does NOT HAVE TO CONCEDE, nothing in the Constitution says so.
B.) The election doesn’t end with the popular vote.
  • The election process requires an entire subsequent set of procedures after election night, that until now have never mattered because the loser of the popular election always concedes.
  • This process can continue on, from November until January.
C.) A losing candidate could launch a ferocious fight to grab power anyway.
  • Congress can file lawsuits to block the counting of millions of ballots.
  • Congress can demand that the states refuse to certify the election .
  • The loser’s party could send a rival slate of electors to the electoral college or to Congress, and say, “We’re the real electors.”
D.) If the election goes to the House of Representatives, they don’t have to pay any attention at all to the popular vote or the electoral vote, like the election never happened.
  • Congresspeople won’t get to vote; it’s done by states.
  • In 2020, the majority of Americans live in blue states, but there are more red states.
  • Republicans in the House, could simply anoint their candidate as President.

What Can We Do To Stop It?

1.) Get Informed

2.) Get Loud

  • Speak to universal American values; don’t attack others beliefs.
    • i.e. every vote counts, peaceful transfer of power.

3.) Get Active – voting is not enough

4.) Update and strengthen our democratic system as soon as this election is over.

  • Protect voter rights
  • Prosecute voter intimidation
  • Secure the technology for this

Because never forget this: in the long sweep of human history, a democratic republic is the rarest form of government on earth. Democracies are fragileDemocracies can fail. And what citizens do or fail to do in a moment of crisis can determine the final fate of government of, by and for the people.” 


I am genuinely scared this October, of what will happen after November 3rd. The Republicans have shown that they are ride-or-die for Trump, and I think they will ride with him this election, or go down with the ship.

If he loses, goes full dictator, and doesn’t concede, it’s go-time ladies and gentleman. That’s our cue to get going and start fucking things up (so to speak). We have to show up at the polls this year, and crush this before it ever gets started.

I have no idea what is going to happen, and I am afraid. This Halloween, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of every second. Everyone out there this Halloween, please be safe, be smart, wear a mask – protective or scary, and be ready to take down the monster.

Curse you 2020.” – Van Jones

Don’t Forget

  • Election Day is November 3rd – you can register to vote the day of.
  • You can still help find justice for Breonna Taylor at
  • COVID-19 is still here, and it’s almost winter, be safe and be smart.

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