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The unveiling of the new “What’s Good” logo and an insightful guest post.

What’s good everybody? I hope everyone has been able to keep their heads above water during one of the most out of pocket years in history. But today is the first day of fresh air in the Bay Area in a long time, so I think it’s appropriate to roll out a fresh start.

Sometimes I wonder, if this year is a sort of “Noah’s Flood.” Though this wave of death and destruction has come in multiple forms and doesn’t judge by character, on whom it will be affecting. Nevertheless, what is left after the flood will be raw and vulnerable, creating a perfect opportunity for rebirth.

Genesis flood narrative - Wikipedia
Photo of California taken yesterday.

What’s Good, is undergoing a rebirth of its own. The blog not only has a new look and logo, designed by Nafis Etemadi of Crimewave Design, but also a more refined focus. What’s Good has always been a cultural/social and lifestyle blog, asking questions and helping people find new perspectives to make sense of our extremely chaotic and convoluted society, swirling with ethical dilemmas and injustices.

It will continue to be this way, though now expect a more streamlined focus, more variety of content and loads of recommendations for great people, products, movies, creators, books and other things to add value to your life. What’s Good ultimately seeks to help good people, become better people.


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On that note, I wanted to share with you something that was recently shared with me. It is a passage in this same theme, written by an unknown author posted on the Noom app.

“Noom” is technically a weight loss app, although it takes a much more comprehensive and holistic approach than most other services. They seek to help you change your behavior rather than provide you a workout plan, or tell you what foods to eat or not eat. They use a psychological approach that helps address your lifestyle and habits as a whole, instead of compartmentalizing your fitness and diet.

Noom Fitness App Review: A Weightloss Lightweight? - ThePremierGuide

*Disclaimer I don’t use the app, nor am I sponsored by them (I’m open to it though, @Noom). I just enjoyed the passage that was shared with me and I found it fitting and reassuring for these times.


Today, let’s consider TIDES. At “high tide,” the ocean seems full–at its highest potential and thriving. At low tide, the ocean seems emptier–distant, maybe even a bit less pleasing to the eye. But the tides are constantly changing, right? When the water rolls in at high tide, excitement goes up–it’s like an illustration of replenishment. Then when the tide goes out again, it can seem like a let down. But here’s the thing about receding waters: they reveal what that last high tide left behind. With that new empty space comes clarity. And you get to decide what to do with those new findings.

Its just like navigating the ocean–there are high tides, low tides, easy times, and hard times. The tides of life are ever changing. When your tide is high, you’re thriving and enjoying the moment. And when your tide takes a turn at going out, instead of lamenting what’s leaving, look around to see what’s washed up on shore that you want to keep.

use your “low tides” as a new beginning until the next high tide comes in. Remember, regardless of the tide, there’s no more or less water in the ocean 🌊.


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