What I’ve Done (and learned) the Last 2 Weeks

Welcome back! If this is the first post of mine you’ve read then welcome, where have you been?

What’s Good is intended as a platform for me to explore and dissect cultural events and issues, in hopes of finding positive takeaways, new perspectives or propose questions into the societal sphere about controversial topics that nobody asked for.

I strive to do this once per week (my first goal was 3x a week LOL) but as evidenced I’m not always able to make this happen.

It’s been over 2 weeks since my last post 😅, during which I have experienced a persistent, low-level of anxiety that I occasionally acknowledge as it wrings out my insides, before shoving it back down into the depths of my psyche, like a smoke detector with low batteries that screams at you every 10 minutes.

Stricken with writer’s block and drowning in my sense of frivolous procrastination, I tried to placate those feelings by doing everything I could other than writing.

What I’ve learned from this is that there might actually be a value in these states of resistance and delay. What I thought were trivial pursuits turned out to be just what I needed to refresh my perspective and refill my creative energy tank.

Here’s a look back at my wonderful period of “Productive Procrastination” and the things I did that turned out to be fuel for my next inspiration.

What I Did


In a previous post, I mentioned completing my first short film, “Lost Time – The Beginning” that I co-wrote with my good friend Kamran Rathod. Last weekend, it was officially selected to be played at the Shore To Shore Film Festival!

A good portion of the past weeks consisted of researching film festivals, writing cover letters and shotgun blasting festival applications praying that at least one would stick. I’m not just happy at the selection but also the quality of the festival we will be featured at.

Shore to Shore is March 13-15 in Glendale, CA smackdab in the heart of Los Angeles. They select short films from around the world including a wide array of genres and award prizes to the actors and filmmakers.

Check out the short film if you haven’t yet!

You watched it right? OK keep scrolling.

Aside from my “work” I have also been doing a lot of self-care activities. Such as:

Ate Some Great Pie

Gizdich Ranch in Santa Cruz, CA has the BEST PIE I’ve ever bought (the best pie I’ve ever had was made by my Great Grandmother RIP). I took my gf, Gaby, here for her first time and needless to say she loved it.

Located just minutes off of scenic Highway 152, is a hidden gem featuring that classic rustic American pie experience, with zero added racial conservatism. They grow their own berries on their farm and specialize in the fabled “Olallieberry Pie.” It looks like a slice of pie from a cartoon come to life and tastes like a perfect balance of sweet and tart, the near perfect pie.

They weren’t in season when we went, so I settled for some Double Dutch Apple Cinnamon Pie… woe is me.

You really have to take the time to enjoy the simple delights in life. This piece of pie is as valuable to my mental health as a whole week of meditation.

Maybe go for a slice on March 14th…? *3/14?

… *cough* – “3.14…” *cough* “pi…” *cough cough* PIE.

Really though, you watched the film right?

Spent Time With Kids

*Proceed at your own risk.* I substitute teach at a private school here in SF and I went on a couple field trips with the kids during their week off in February.

I chaperoned a trip to the Exploratorium with a group of Elementary-schoolers and it was a blast. I got to watch them experiment and play with the exhibits while also learning some things myself.

Hanging out with children can truly be a wonderful experience. I really become a part of their world, communicating on their level and start seeing things from their perspective. It can be incredibly draining yet refreshing, as I let go of all my cares other than focusing on not letting any of them run away.

Find a local child near you and reconnect to your inner youthful spirit today! I would suggest not approaching children you don’t know, people don’t like that.


Yoga to the People is an AMAZING place to practice/get into yoga. It’s completely donation based and they create an inviting, welcoming space that is open to yogis of all levels.

They have 3 locations in SF, Oakland and Berkeley and though I can only speak for SF, I’m sure the other locations are uniquely great in similar aspects.

You’ve probably heard it all about Yoga by now but if you are on the fence about trying it I 100% say you should do it. I realized that I never feel as calm and centered as I do for those 30 minutes after getting out of yoga. It’s like having a weighted blanket over your restlessness and anxieties.

Got Cracked Out at the Chiropractor

My chiropractor is literally this guy ⬆️, Nick Wirtz from the Judah St. Clinic in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco. He approaches chiropractics in a holistic way that isn’t just about pop, lock and dropping your “spine back into place.” He also addresses the emotional aspects that contribute to our health.

He uses adjustments to stimulate the nerves that emanate from specific sections of the spine that correlate to proper functioning of the various systems in our body like cardiovascular, nervous and digestive to name a few.

It might sound like a bunch of pseudoscience boo-hockey but I say don’t knock it ’til you try it.


All I know is I had intense stomach aches on and off for years that went away once I had Chiropractor Nick adjust my digestive system.

Look how chill this guy is? Who wouldn’t want to get their spine blown out by this guy?

Just picture the exact opposite of this ⬇️

Went to Therapy

The ultimate form of self-care! I’ve been going to therapy for around 8 months now and I have absolutely loved it. I am fortunate to live in a city with lots of resources and have a Master’s student in Psychology for a girlfriend, who showed me Golden Gate Integral Counseling. GGIC has trainee therapists that provide sessions on a sliding pay scale, my sessions are only $25 each!

My sessions here are what really led me to realizing that I need to dedicate more time for myself but most importantly to NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT. Because how can you enjoy something while feeling guilty? And why should you feel guilty about doing something that makes you happy?

Got a Bomb Massage

The second ultimate form of self-care! Massages are not just for pampering they are for thriving. You’re a fool if you haven’t gotten one yet, a GOD-DAMNED FOOL!

We literally store emotional tension in our bodies, massaging your muscles can allow that stress we’ve been locking up to melt away to let us truly relax, if not for just a moment.

Gaby and I got 60-minute massages for $58 at MassageLuxe on Groupon, probably the best place for ballin’ on a budget.

What I Learned

Looking back at the past weeks, I really had a great time. But why did I feel like I did absolutely nothing?

  • My guilt for not completing my “main” task overtook my mind and wouldn’t let me appreciate the important things I did to refill my personal energy.
  • I didn’t see any value in self-care, I only saw it as distraction and indulgence.
  • I have been giving so much of my attention to other things that there wasn’t any energy left to accomplish my goal.

It turns out I’m not an infinite well of creative energy and that I might be a limited mortal after all… bummer :/

We all need to remember that we are finite beings and our image and expectations of ourselves are often unrealistic and unfair to our true nature. For every bit of energy we give to our passions we need to take measures to get it back.

Dedicating time for yourself is important – nay – necessary to living a fulfilled life. It’s not selfish to have your needs met.

Sometimes dedicating time to yourself means spending time with someone that you love!

So get out there and treat yoself in an emotionally conscious and unmaterialistic way! I’ve already given you a few ideas of where to get started.

This whole time I thought I was procrastinating, turns out I was just creating more content! I really know how to put the “PRO” in procrastinate. Ayyy bada-boom bada-bing I’m outttaaaaa heeeyahh!

P.S. If you have any juicy, controversial or burning ethical questions on your mind relating to culture or society please send them my way! It’ll really help with the writer’s block

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