“What to Watch” Wednesdays With What’s Good

What’s good to watch on TV rn and a bunch of other “W” stuff.

ell hello there. Welcome to What’s Good and our first wholesome, weekly installment of WHAT TO WATCH WEDNESDAYS.

Sorry everyone, no armchair-philosopher, self-righteous, imposing of my personal morality on the world this week.

Just some recommendations of what I think you should watch and is worth your time and things that have to do with “W.”

Without further ado…

1.) Parasite

You’ve probably heard this a billion times this week but you should watch Parasite. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s probably because you are RACISTTT!!!!!

Just know you’re missing out on what could be called a perfect movie, that hits every base in what an audience desires while creating a fresh, poignant and disturbingly moving story and cinematic masterpiece.

It’s the first non-English language film to win Best Picture EVER and on top of that a Korean film! Apparently there weren’t any good movies made outside of the U.S. until 2019, so you HAVE to watch this one!!

2.) The Farewell

You also have to drink Water. A popular brand of Water is Aquafina. Speaking of Aquafina and Asian Award Winning Films, you should Watch “The Farewell,” starring Awkwafina. But you probably haven’t Watched that one yet either because I forgot that you’re a huge freaking racist!!!

It’s a really great movie that has beautiful indie-style cinematography, a simple, yet deep and heartfelt story accompanied by great acting and a heavy dose of humor. Too bad they’re Asian :/.

While on the topic of Women in HollyWood, I’d like to highlight some Works featuring Women Writers out right now.

3.) *Birds of Prey?

Although I absolutely LOATHED Suicide Squad (written by a man), “Birds of Prey” is the Harley Quinn spinoff and Was actually Written by a Woman named Christina Hodson.

I am very hesitant to Watch this because I am not a fan of the franchise but it is Worth mentioning that a Woman managed to rise the ranks in not just the male-dominated HollyWood scene but in the superhero-comic book, also male-dominated World as well.

4.) GLOW

I love this show, it’s an ultra feminist, earnest and realistic look into the lives of Women trying their best to make it in an unforgiving World Whatever way they can. It has cutting cultural commentary about gender, race and superficiality and earnest characters that win your interest. It’s based on a true story as Well so shout out the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

The Writing team is almost entirely made of Women and it shows, through the empathy it draws from the viewers by showcasing deep and intimate struggles the characters endure and What I imagine Would be very relatable for most Women.

GLOW stars Alison Brie from “Mad Men” and one of my favorite shows ever, “Community.”

She has Written her own Netflix original movie called “Horse Girl.” I also haven’t Watched it yet… but I Will! I think she’s pretty talented as an actress so I’m pretty interested to see What she’s got as a writer.

5.) The Warriors

No better way to end What’s Good Wednesday “W” wordplay than with the DUBS themselves! They may be getting more “L’s” than “W’s'” this season but they did pick up another valuable “W” of sorts, Andrew Wiggins.

It’s a really strange trade that not many people know what to make of, though I always default to trusting Bob Meyers and the entire Warriors executive staff, they’re done pretty well so far. It’s hard to see the Master plan but I have a feeling they’re cooking something up good with this one.

Whether Wiggins develops into the ideal wing defender/scorer the Warriors so desperately require or just ends up being a summer time trade piece, I actually like watch this guy play who has come a long way since entering the league and he’s finally living up to his hype and potential. If anyone can get the best out of a player like Wiggins, the Warriors can.

Well that wraps up a wholesome and wonderful edition of “What’s Good Wednesday – What to Watch” edition. Be sure to tune in next week, WE OUT.


  1. Wow. What a witty way to use alliteration. Who else but a whip-smart writer like the wise-beyond-his-years and well-read whole being that is you. Well done!

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