2010-2020: The Glow Up

Looking back at all the good things that happened this decade, to me and the country.

Nick Chang 2011 (yikes)

Damn another decade in da books. As we enter the new roaring 20’s, this will be my 4th decade I’ve participated in. (90’s, 2000’s, 10’s, 20’s).

I’ve been watching some “Best of the Decade” videos and most memorable events of the last 10 years. Half of the things listed are shootings, hurricanes and various murders.

The world seems pretty fucked up right now, crises everywhere you turn and we have a human hemorrhoid as President, but you know what?

I think things are a whole lot BETTER than where we started the decade in 2010.

It sounds hard to believe but ask yourself, would you really want to go back to the person you were 10 years ago? Think of everything you’ve learned, experienced and grown from. Think of what’s hurt you and what’s made you stronger.

I know I’ve grown and changed A WHOLE LOT since then and Lord knows our country has as well.

I want to remember some of the good things that came out of this decade that have made us and me personally, better and wiser. I know that when we remember the past we tend to recall mostly the good things but I think we could use a little more of that right about now.

Let’s take a lil look back at it.

Wha Happund?

These are in no particular order, just some important things that happened this decade that I think are a big deal.

The World Didn’t End! (2012)

Gay Marriage (2015)

It was finally legalized federally!

We also decided racist slave owners don’t need to be honored anymore.


It’s basically legal and that opinion has changed on it DRAMATICALLY. Parents everywhere are finally chilling out.


Turns out you CAN win a Championship using teamwork, skill and by SHOOTING 3 POINTERS (2015,2016, 2018). Suck it Charles Barkeley.


People decided to maybe start listening to women? And expose those rich, scumbag mofo’s.

#Black Lives Matter

We realized (most of us) that maybe racism still exists and is affecting people?

Green Movement

Millennials FORCE environmental issues into the mainstream with our mouths, phones and wallets. (Yeah, I’m giving the credit to Milennials!!)


The diversity of our country is finally starting to be reflected everywhere.


That wasn’t so bad, right? Back in 2010 you were probably a homophobic, misogynist singing “Moves Like Jagger.” And look at you now.

Don’t think that I didn’t have my own glow-up meanwhile! This decade was big for me as well.

Nick Chang: The Glow Up

2010 – I started as a High School Grad/budding College Freshman

2011 – I had my first relationship and subsequently first heartbreak!!

2011 – Went to College at SFSU and made some friends.

2011 – I gained a lil weight….

(2012 – Present) – And then started working out, lost weight and found my swag!

(2010,2012,2014) – Watched the Giants finally win a World Series while I was in SF!

2011 – I lost my friend in a car accident.

(2012- Present) – Found I had a passion for working with children.

2012 – Almost lost my leg/died.

(2015, 2017, 2018) – Watched my favorite sucky team WIN. A LOT. AND BECOME THE BEST TEAM EVER LITERALLY.

2016 – Graduated College

2016 – Went to Tanzania on a video production trip!


2018 – Made a movie.

Played some Basketball.




My good friends became my best friends.

2015 – Met my BEST friend.

2016 – And she became the love of my life.

And she still is!

I watched my friends n fam grow.

Some of them have babies now

My lil bro and sis are not so lil anymore.

My family dynamic has changed but we’re still together.

And I made some new families along the way.

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by loving friends and family, who are in good health and support me.

That was true 10 years ago and still is now but my relationships have become so much richer and deeper.

I never could have guessed who I’d be ten years ago. I’m not at all where I thought I’d be, but when I look back I don’t think i would have had it any other way.

Here’s to a new decade! Time to reinvent yourself, or not, but mostly cherish the ones you still have with you and look forward to what another 10 years will bring to you and the people you love.

A lot of shit happens but remember that every difficult challenge is an equally great opportunity to grow. Be safe my friends! Love you all <3.


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