Donald Trump was impeached, so what?

As you probably know, our President Donald J. Trump was officially impeached last night December 18, 2019. He joins Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson as the only 3 Presidents to ever be officially impeached.

Good God, a lot is has happened lately, let alone the past 3 years. It’s hard to keep up and figure out what the hell is going on. We are at an incredibly PIVOTAL and SYMBOLIC moment in U.S. history. This has been true for this entire Presidency but even more now than ever. There is honestly a lot at stake; our democracy itself and the future of to what extent we will tolerate the behavior of our leaders.

I’m going to sum it up as best I can and give you my take on what matters, why it matters and the takeaways of this epic cluster-fudge.

What happened?

For the politically inclined, over the last several months you probably caught some of the ceaseless jibber jabber.

“Ukraine this…, Ukraine that…,”

“Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, yada yada”

and most of all quid pro FREAKING quo.

Quid pro quOH MY GOD

Congress held a hearing and listened to testimonials from U.S. officials and ambassadors to Ukraine, about whether the House of Representatives should vote on impeachment, leading to the vote on December 18.

Donald was impeached on two Articles.

  1. Abuse of Power
  2. Obstruction of Congress

Article 1 was passed with 230(Y) to 197(N)

Article 2 passed with 229 to 198

It was completely partisan, all Democrats but 2 voted Yes and EVERY Republican voted No. Basically whoever had the bigger team wins, which isn’t a great look.

One Rep. Tulsi Gubbard of Hawaii, voted “present” essentially an “idk” vote but we’ll get to that later.

Remember, Impeachment does not mean

  • A crime was committed
  • The President will be removed

Impeachment DOES mean that the President did something that directly harms the public and National security and we are calling them out for it. And that can be something completely political because the impeachment process is a political process, not a criminal or legal one.


the process moves to the Senate, where they will vote on whether or not to remove him from office.

It will require a 2/3 vote from the Senate and out of 100 members:

53 Republican

45 Democrat

2 Independent

Assuming the Senate are the Ride-or-Die’s that they have seemed to be for their party so far, a 2/3 vote is not likely.

So what?

Does not removing Donald, mean that impeachment is a fail?

If you are part of the 52% of people that are for the impeachment, no this is not a fail at all.

The real question is did he do anything wrong? In my view, YES. In this case and a zillion times before this.

1.) He DID put our national security at risk!

2.) He DID obstruct justice.

What about the 48%?

Senator Gubbard, chose not to vote because she did not like what this represented in her eyes. She DID believe he did something wrong but she did not want a purely partisan impeachment.

Only about 10% of Republicans support impeachment. Republican officials have been kicking and screaming the whole way trying to denounce the merits of the Democrats’ impeachment. They cite the dangers of a purely partisan impeachment, which is true! It is dangerous to have whatever party is in power, petulantly impeach whatever leader they don’t like or didn’t elect.

However, it is JUST as dangerous to protect a President along partisan lines. They claim that Democrats are attacking the President in the name of partisan loyalty while they defend the President doing the exact same thing. That argument can be easily applied to both parties here and I don’t think it holds weight as a means of degrading the impeachment.

So should he be impeached? Of course. If he did something wrong, we impeach, not because of party preference but because it is the right thing to do! Impeachment was created to ultimately protect US, the people from a tyrannical leader.

Donald Trump was impeached because of his actions and not his party preference, here’s why:

ARTICLE 1: Abuse of Power

Donald Trump admittedly, held a phone call with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy on July 25, 2019, where he asked for Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden’s behavior and possible corruption, in exchange for already promised $400 Million of military aid to Ukraine.

That last part is the crux of the entire impeachment process. The “quid pro quo” (this for that).

Why did Trump call Ukraine in the first place? Because Hunter Biden is on the board of a Ukrainian energy company (Burisma) for some reason. Trump wanted to “dig up dirt” on him to hurt Joe Biden’s campaign for the 2020 election.

Although Hunter and Joe are pretty SUS, this conspiracy theory has been DEBUNKED and was at the time of Trump’s phone call.

The Counterargument

Among mostly ad hominem attacks, Republicans claimed “he did absolutely nothing wrong” on the basis that:

  • The Ukrainian Pres. said himself he did not feel pressured
  • There was no “quid pro quo”
  • The aid was eventually released

1.) Why would the Ukrainian President admit to being pressured illegally by the U.S.? Ukraine is under imminent threat of being taken over by Russia. It’s well known that Trump is Putin’s not-so-secret admirer, so while understanding the U.S.’ relationship with Russia and also relying on $400 Million of military aid from us, Ukraine is not in a position to put our relationship with them at stake.

2.) There most certainly was a “quid pro quo.” You can read it in the transcript here for yourself. The incendiary sentence that started it all,

“I’d like you to do us a favor though...”

– Donald Trump to President Zelenskyy

on the heels of Zelenskyy’s statement,

“We are ready to continue to cooperate for the next
steps, specifically we are almost ready to buy more Javelins from the United States for defense purposes.”

– Pres. Volodymyr Zelenskyy

This conversation is now framed by the Republican’s declaration about the aid.

3.) The only fact here presented by the Republicans is that the aid was eventually released. But remember that this call was held on July 25, 2019. The aid was only released on September 11 (how poetic) , only two days after the whistleblower brought the claim to light.

So the $391 Million was in fact “released” but keep in mind the money isn’t handed over to the Ukrainian government. It is spent and circulated here in the U.S, by the Pentagon and State Department. We send them weapons and pay for military training.

The end of the fiscal year is Sept. 30 and there is a mandatory 15 day waiting period on spending by Congress, so why would Trump essentially only leave 1 week for his lawmakers to allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to various departments and agencies??

What’s scary about this

The Pentagon, Office of Management and Budget and State Department are not being transparent in explaining when the funds were frozen and why. Why are offices of our Government being secretive to other bodies in our Government about their operations without a legit reason to be?

The withholding of aid demanded directly from the President was illegal (PERIOD). Regardless of the justifications being made, no White House officials have been able to make any legal claims supporting his actions. The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) was told that it was illegal and they withheld the funds anyway.

It seems to me that he was never planning on releasing aid, until pressured to do so. If you read the transcript, the two are speaking awfully formally, almost like a verbal, Email conversation. They speak to each other in long, flattering segments, taking turns addressing each point that the other makes in sequence. It almost seems like they knew they were being recorded and that this call would be reviewed later on and did their best to “ask without asking.”

Donald Trump describes it as a “perfect” phone call. Perfect how? What is the scale that he is holding this call up to? I’ve never heard anyone describing a conversation they had as “perfect.” What does a flawless phone call entail, that everything went according to plan?

  • Both Trump and Zelenskyy were aware that the funds had been frozen before their conversation.
  • Trump had never withheld aid to Ukraine in 2017 or 2018 but did one year before re-election.
  • Why would he even want to spend $400 Million on another country’s defense anyway? Seems uncharacteristic of Mr. “America First”
  • He literally asked a foreign power to investigate the Bidens, his political rival.
  • This strategy already worked for him last election with Russia’s meddling, why wouldn’t he try again?

Soliciting a foreign power to get involved in our elections is an incredibly dangerous move that can undermine our entire political process, delegitimize our elections and open us up for further interference. Turning a blind eye to this is nothing short of abhorrent.

ARTICLE 2: Obstruction of Justice

He straight up did not comply with the Congress’ investigation, at all. He’s been rather Nixonian in fact, like when Dick refused to hand over his tapes when asked directly by the White House.

How poetic.

The Donald has:

  • Directed the White House to defy a subpoena for documents
  • Directed other branches, State Department and Defense Department, to defy subpoenas
  • Directed current and former executive branch officials to refuse subpoenas for their testimony.

Let’s not forget the OG Obstruction of Justice in the MUELLER REPORT extravaganza and Donald Trumps’ unprecedented fuckery. But I guess that is neither here nor there at the moment…

But we HAVE to hold our President to the laws of our Constitution. This is not about Republican vs. Democrat it’s about SOVEREIGNTY vs. DICTATORSHIP. This is the reason why separation of powers exist! How can anyone knowingly tolerate this? I feel the Republican party is being incredibly short-sighted and is ultimately hurting their own interests. This is not a game!!

Where are we now?

Holding the President accountable for their actions will benefit any political party because not doing so only weakens our country.

Regardless of the facts surrounding this current Trump scandal, he has done a PLETHORA of things that have hurt the public safety up until now,

Such as…

1.) Put kids in cages

2.) Made money on his business investments while in office.

ARTICLE 1, SECTION 9, CLAUSE 8 No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

3.) Attacked the freedom of the press; encouraged violence towards a reporter, mocked a disabled reporter and kicked one out simply for asking questions.

4.) Tried to ban an entire religion from entering the country

5.) Threatened the world’s most notorious and volatile Dictatorship with a nuclear attack, then became friends? Both are terrible.

6.) Tried to ban people from joining the military based on sexual identity.

7.) E. Jean Carroll, accused him of RAPE and he responded by mocking her looks.

8.) He fired Director of the CIA James Comey, the man who was investigating him, insulted the CIA which is under his own branch, hand-picked his own Attorney-General in hopes to exonerate himself and instructed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to LIE TO CONGRESS (perjury).

1,000,000.) [Insert your favorite atrocity here]

The list goes on. He could have been impeached a number of times but never did for one reason or another. This seems like it’s just finally the time they actually caught him and pinned him down on something.

Impeaching him was a

deal and a lot of credit deserves to be given to Nancy Pelosi.

Like her or hate her she withstood A LOT to accomplish what she sought to do.

This impeachment played out along partisan lines but it is not only about partisanship. I am not in it for any party or personal vendetta. I know a lot of Democrats suck too, I can’t stand Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton for that matter. I want our Government to be a Government. I’m positioned to have Mike fucking Pence as my President, if it means bringing justice and a shred of dignity back to the position of President and the United States.

Formally impeaching the President is above all, a symbolic gesture, that will forever brand his legacy as President with an asterisk* that forces everyone from now on to think about whether or not he did something wrong.

The Senate trial will be held sometime in early January. The decision is predictable but what happens after is not as certain.

If the Donald does make it to re-election, many Republican voters will have to decide if their spite for Democrats is worth the price of their integrity, by voting for an impeached President. A vote for him in 2020, is definitively declaring your apathy for a healthy functioning government and endorsing a Governmental system that is entirely up for grabs.


  1. From Congressman Ro Khanna on Trump:

    If you look at it he’s undermining every principle of conservatism. Edmund Burke’s perspective on conservatism is that we have a deference to institution, a deference to tradition, and a deference to precedent, and we don’t trust brilliant or creative newcomers because the collective wisdom of a society over years outweighs the whims of those who may be in power. And here you have someone who is literally undermining every sense of institution, every sense of precedent, and every sense of tradition. So you can call Donald Trump a lot of different things, but you can’t call him a conservative.

    This philosophy goes back to Thrasymachus in the Republic. That was the whole argument with Socrates: that might makes right, and that was his whole view of justice, and that’s Trump’s view of justice. ‘I want to be a winner, and winning justifies anything.’ And what the Republicans have done is thrown their lot in with Thrasymachus’s vision of justice. And all of political philosophy has been a construct to move away from that, and to put in place institutions that constrain that governing philosophy.

    This is the Ryan agenda: starve revenues, drive up the deficit, and force cuts. [Steve] Bannon said they want the deconstruction of the administrative state. They want to force this situation where we’ve got high deficits, ultimately triggering inflation, and someone is going to come in five years, 10 years down the line and say okay, we’ve got a crisis we’ve got to cut things. And it will be very hard to cut defense and very hard to cut taxes, particularly if we go into a recessions and if there’s inflation, so they say okay, we’re going to have cuts in Medicare, cuts in Medicaid, cuts in social security, and cuts in other social programs and this is what they want. They want to shrink federal government spending.

    They don’t mind the incompetence of government because their answer is privatization. Think about it. For a president to put Jared Kushner in charge of Middle East peace and to gut 30% of the State Department…it shows a total disdain for government expertise or government institutions or any sense of a public state.

    1. Wow, I’ve never seen Republicans and Trump supporters dissected to such a level before! It makes me feel like I understand them even less and am frustrated with them even more >:-[

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