What I learn from quitting weed cold-turkey every November

Some corny Straight-Edge bros (Linkin Park?)
Our cliche’d stoner boys Cheech and Chong

To blaze or not to blaze… that is the question

At this point most of us are aware of the power of November, the most self-controlled month of the year. If you haven’t heard, among many it’s become a sort of lent for non-Catholics, where we give up something entirely for the month of November. Seemingly, for the sake of wordplay.

So far I’ve heard of:

  • No Shave November – No Shaving (mostly men and face)
  • No Nut November – No masturbation or sex (mostly men again)
  • No Sugar November – Obvi
  • No Spend November – No Spending any money (how?)
  • No poop November – Do not recommend
  • No New Friends No-No-No… (Drake line)

For some reason alliteration has a strong effect on people. Well, it certainly has on me because for the second year in a row, my girlfriend and I have been forging our own rhyme-of-refrain in what we call No Smoke November!

As habitual weed smokers, basically daily, it’s an important opportunity to take time away from the devil’s lettuce to refresh our state of mind, recalibrate the perception of life and see the world in a clear headed, non-hungry for donuts way.

I love it and hate it. It has had some tremendous effects on me so far, for better and worse. If you are thinking of taking a blaze break or have before, see if you can relate to this or see what you might expect.


The hardest thing to get over is the habit. In the first week, I’m not scratching my neck or breaking out into cold sweats, but I do find myself hard pressed to find something to replace my natural lubricant between transitioning moments in my life.

*** I must stress that I do not believe that cannabis as it is, is biologically addictive. There are no “withdrawals” in my experience or any symptoms typically associated with addiction for me. I do believe that it is habit forming and the habit is hard to break, like biting your nails or any activity that acts as a form of self-soothing.

These are the times that hit the hardest:

After going out drinking

There’s nothing quite like sitting on the couch and rolling up a doobie-doobie doo with your homies and taking the edge off of your buzz. And the day after your night of drinking, good Lord there might be no better hangover cure than a shmoke and pancake. I’ve had to adjust by drinking copious amounts of water, knowing I don’t have my handy-dandy hangover friend. I also drink LESS to avoid it altogether. Not a bad move I guess.


I never relied on the herbal essence to sleep so I have no problem falling asleep still. I can’t say the same for my gf Gaby though, she scornfully simmers in bed as I knock out within 5 minutes. However, I had the most trouble staying asleep. Either I would wake up from terribly vivid dreams or an insane amount of energy in my body. Sometimes I would wake up 4-5 times a night for a week straight. I had James Franco level dark circles around my eyes and not in a sexy way. He’s a creep though.

I’m 99.9% sure this man is a sexual predator, look it up.

The Jets!!

If you have a dog/indoor pet you might be familiar. When they randomly start sprinting around the house like a freak for no reason. That’s what I felt like at times. So much frenetic energy buzzing around in my calves and thighs, like I needed to sprint the 40 meter dash immediately or my legs would explode. I was able to channel that energy into my basketball playing which helped SO MUCH, I have much more stamina. I also would do a bunch of calf-raises and squats to get it all out. So one surprising benefit of quitting weed smoking is you’ll look great in yoga pants.

Actually dealing with my Emotions

From “Community” an amazing show

One main thing that I realized, was that I often used weed to suppress my uncomfortable emotions or nagging thoughts. I’m not talking about coping with depression or serious anxiety or anything like that. For me, I mean when I can’t stop thinking about how I didn’t win my men’s league basketball game or when I berate myself for not starting to write my blog (call back to my last post). These little things that poke at you in your mind, I would often smoke to chill the hell out. Which isn’t always a great idea because there may be a reason that the thought keeps prodding you and you should probably hear it out.

“the things we do are not what we are, they’re just what we do.”


Now that I’m over the proverbial hump, I am filled with newfound wisdom and am freed from my earthly desire to indulge in my destitute vices. JK I can’t wait to burn a fatty again. And I really would not advocate any weed smoker to stop, unless you want to. But if you are thinking of letting go of a habit for a while, I think the juice is worth the squeeze. I have gained a lot of new perspectives on areas of my life that are really positive and will take with me forward from now on.


Often, we find ourselves needing a social crutch to interact with others. Whether it be a drink in your hand, coffee, snack, or some activity to occupy your awkward and restlessly idle hands or oral fixations. For me it’s all the above, but mainly smoking. It’s honestly a really nice way to spend time with your friends in an intimate and relaxed setting, plus the ganj does a great job at lowering your guard. Conversely, I’ve experienced that I can have just as meaningful conversations and connections with my friends without needing to puff on something in the silences between sentences. There is something to be gained by those moments of silence, where our mind is free to wander or even desperately search for the next topic. It’s not that bad and you might be interested to see what comes up.

Confronting yourself

Without the ability to hide or mask my inner-discomfort, I kind of just dealt with it. It literally led to me finally starting this blog. I’m also not a big drinker so I don’t turn to booze to distract myself from these things (gives me too much asian glow). Also, another form of confronting myself manifested itself in my dreams. I have the most vivid and intense dreams that I actually REMEMBER when I wake up. They have caused some serious introspection on the circumstances and characters I find within them and I even turned one into a script!

If you care to read it, leave a comment and I can post it later, it’s a zombie apocalypse dream lol but with a little spin on the normal take.


It’s important to reflect on the things in our lives that we love that we come to identify with. Some people play the piano, some people love craft beers or trying special coffees, but you have to remember that the things we do are not what we are, they’re just what we do. We like to build our identities around the things we can outwardly express to others, but these are just external THINGS that we like to pin on to our self-image, like a badge on a boy/girl scout sash.

Remember that you are an incredibly rich and complex person on your own, just being you, regardless of your amazing talents, hobbies or profession. I’m not just Nick the sexy stoner, I’m Nick, who likes to get stoned. Anyone that loves you, loves you for you and not what you do. You should take some time to pay more attention to those people. Again, who you are, is WHO YOU ARE and that is more than enough. And that my friends, is truly, what’s good.


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**** Since you’re still here, I will share with you one more note. This years’ NSN hit me harder than last year’s and I concluded it was because I was smoking more than usual. It was most likely because I had a really tough year; I got in a car accident, my parents separated and I experienced a mass shooting. I know this took a serious turn but FYI I’m doing well with it all and I’d be more than happy to tell you all about it. But that is for another day and another post 🙂 C U SOON TTYL ILY <3 K BYEE ****


  1. Dang dude didn’t expect this quality to be real; writing is dank.

    What is most interesting is how stopping effects people differently. For example- I sleep way better when I don’t smoke, and the first few minutes when I smoke, I get pretty anxious and have to confront all my suppressed thoughts. Luckily after a few mins it goes away, but I’ve started smoking lower dose THC bud so I don’t get an anxious.

    I also like the “I am not Nick the Stoner” but,“ I am Nick and I smoke.”

    Keep it up bud.


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