Lost Time Episode 1

On set of “Lost Time” in Marin, California. Cast and crew all volunteers of students and young professionals in the production industry.

Lost Time

This short film follows a young woman, Jules and her attempt to support her brother and sister Owen and Cecilia, after their Mother mysteriously disappears. With both parents out of the picture, the siblings struggle to stay afloat as Jules, the usual leader of the house, deals with mental health issues.

Jules decides to attend a mental health retreat in the woods, coaxed by Owen, where she soon finds that her challenges for the weekend will be more than she signed up for.

Directed by : Kamran Rathod, Written by: Nick Chang, Edited by: Jonny Trimboli and Kamran Rathod

My friend Kamran Rathod came to me with the idea for this story, inspired by one of his favorite Edward Hopper paintings. We created a story for the characters in the artwork, which later evolved into Lost Time.

I wrote the script with collaboration from Kamran and he directed the entire film while putting together an amazing cast and crew whom all agreed to work for free, on the hopes of putting together a piece of art to hone and showcase our abilities.

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